What Is Yale University? Is It Good for MBA, engineering & worth it? 2023

We’ll examine Yale University’s suitability for computer science MBA and engineering in this post, as well as its value, by weighing its advantages and disadvantages.

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What Is Yale University?

Yale University’s founding may be dated to the 1640s, when colonial priests spearheaded an initiative to build a local college following the model of European liberal education. The Connecticut legislature then approved a charter in 1701 to start a collegiate institution. The institution was renamed Yale College in 1718 in honour of Welsh businessman Elihu Yale, who contributed the money from the sale of nine bales of merchandise along with some books and a picture of King George I.

When it comes to Yale University rankings, the school is ranked ninth in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings for 2023. Yale University is ranked as the 18th best university in the world according to QS rankings. The university’s dedication to providing high-quality instruction and high-quality research output is reflected in Yale University rankings, whether they come from QS World University Rankings or Times World University Rankings.

The main campus of Yale University is 261 acres and is located in New Haven, Connecticut. Since Yale University’s founding, the campus has served as a home to academics, extensive research libraries, international art collections, and lab facilities. There is a 1,500-acre Outdoor Education Center on the property as well. Other housing, eating, transportation, and safety amenities support the students in feeling at home. The extracurricular amenities and cultural activities foster a sense of community.

The courses offered at Yale University cover a broad range of subjects, including humanities, social sciences, medicine, engineering, and everything in between. The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, the School of Architecture, the School of Art, the Divinity School, the David Geffen School of Drama, the School of Engineering & Applied Science, the School of the Environment, the Jackson School of Global Affairs, the Law School, the School of Management, the School of Medicine, the School of Music, the School of Nursing, and the School of Public Health are just a few of the schools that offer the courses.

What Is Yale University? Is It Good for MBA, engineering & worth it? 2023

Yale University Admission

In all, 14,567 students were enrolled at Yale University, if we talk about admissions. There were 6,854 male students, 7,584 female students, and 129 students who were not recorded or whose gender was unclear. There were 22% of overseas students enrolled overall. There were 115 different nations represented in all. The most well-represented nations were South Korea, Canada, China, India, the United Kingdom, and China. The South Asian Society at Yale (SAS), the South Asian Graduate and Professional Association (SAGA), the South Asian Studies Council (SASC), and other South Asian organisations are all present at Yale University. These organisations work to increase awareness of and respect for South Asian history and cultures.

Is Yale good for CS, MBA, engineering & is it worth it?

Yes, Yale University is excellent for computer science, MBA, and engineering programmes, and it is unquestionably worthwhile. This university is the best not only because of its age and reputation, but also because of its alumni; it holds the 14th spot on the list of the world’s best universities and is the seventh-best university in America for MBA programmes, for example.

Let’s examine all the advantages and disadvantages of attending Yale University to have a better understanding and choose if you ought to enrol there or not.

Benefits and Drawbacks of studying in Yale University

Pros/Advantages of Yale University (Benefits of yale university)

Courses present

The fact that this university offers 2000 courses and more than 80 majors is one of the key advantages.

You may discover courses in numerous disciplines, including the humanities, physical sciences, philosophy, architecture, medicine, law, management, and engineering.


The university’s professors is another advantage.

The student to teacher ratio at Yale University is 6:1, which is excellent, and the majority of the professors that teach topics there have Master’s and PhD degrees as well as extensive classroom experience.

Not only that, but the institution also provides a wide range of advantages to its professors and instructors, including health insurance, financial security, personal wellbeing, and many more.

By visiting the Yale University website, you may view a list of all the university’s academic staff.


The college’s excellent reputation is another advantage.

One of the oldest universities in America, Yale University was established in 1701 and currently holds a spot among the top six universities in the country. Yale University is frequently ranked as the best university for a variety of educational programmes on rankings provided by US News and other websites, and on the whole Yale University enjoys a positive reputation around the world.

Great alumni & Network

The university’s alumni are yet another benefit.

You may view the list of prominent alumni from this university, including Nobel laureates, award winners, politicians, artists, and others, here.

120 different nations send students to this university, making up around 21% of the total enrollment of more than 5,000 students at Yale.

Consequently, there is a significant deal of variety in universities, giving students fantastic opportunities to network and meet new people.

Lots of groups & clubs

There are several clubs and student organisations you may join at the university, which is an additional bonus.

At Yale University, there are many groups representing a wide range of interests, including the arts, comedy, athletics, entrepreneurship, music, religion, and politics.

The key benefit of this is that students may take part in various sports groups and contests events and develop their abilities in communication, networking, leadership, collaboration, and other areas while also expanding their network and meeting new people.

Infrastructure and facilities

This university’s infrastructure and facilities are also a major plus.

This institution has numerous more amenities including dining halls, residential spaces, and housing for students to use while they are on campus, and it is well known for its research and laboratory facilities.

Sports facilities, medical facilities, libraries, Wi-Fi on campus, cafeterias, galleries and museums, restaurants, ATMs, banks, study abroad and exchange student programmes, and many more.

Furthermore, it is a great feature because the university is conveniently close to New York City.

Scholarships & aid

Any student attending a university needs financial assistance and scholarships to pay for their education and purchase the necessary materials and textbooks, so it should come as no surprise that this institution offers some of the top scholarships available.

Let me share some fascinating facts with you regarding university scholarships.

  • If the family’s annual income is less than $75,000, there is no cost to the student because the university bases its scholarships on need.
  • The average scholarship awarded to university students is $51,500.
  • You can also receive merit-based scholarships from private organisations and grants, and the size of these scholarships depends on how well you perform in school’s academics, athletics, and other extracurricular activities.
  • Due to the financial assistance they get in the form of grants and scholarships, 85% of students graduate from the university debt-free.

Your university scholarship was not repaid; instead, it was awarded based on your family’s financial need and income.

The majority of students can afford the education at this institution because to generous financial assistance, grants, and merit-based scholarships, which, in all honesty, make admittance to most Ivy League universities quite pricey.

And other students may decide to work during the summer to pay for some of their school costs, such as books and other supplies, rather of taking out student loans. You may find more information about the scholarships, in addition to the award amount, here.

Great entrepreneurship culture

Another benefit is that the university has a strong entrepreneurial culture.

You can take part in the university’s entrepreneurship programmes in addition to joining one of the many student groups for entrepreneurs.

With the aid of the entrepreneurship programmes and assistance of Yale University, you may develop the skills necessary to launch a firm, receive support and mentoring when doing so, and, if feasible, obtain some initial capital.

Placements are great

Last but not least, this university offers excellent placement and employment prospects.

In actuality, more than 95% of Yale University students who earn an MBA and a degree in computer science find employment following graduation.

For instance, top employers for MBA graduates from this university include Apex Clean Energy, Clearway Energy, Copenhagen Offshore Partners, EY (Ernst & Young), Mars & Co., Albright Stonebridge Group, McKinsey & Company, National Park Service, CT Governor’s Office, United States Navy, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, etc.

And as you can see, an MBA graduate from this university makes an average income of roughly $130,000 year, which is absolutely fantastic.

Due to the university’s repute on the international arena, you will most likely land a position there as well.

Cons/Disadvantages of Yale University (Drawbacks of yale university)

Few engineering branches

One of the biggest drawbacks, in my opinion, is the dearth of engineering specialties available at this university. For example, you cannot study civil engineering, petroleum engineering, agriculture engineering, or other well-known engineering specialties here since they are not taught.

Because there aren’t many engineering courses offered at this institution, there aren’t many engineering branches you may study there. The most popular majors at this university are in economics, history, political science, computer science, biology, and other humanities-related fields.

Mechanical, biomedical, computer science, chemical, electrical, and aeronautical engineering are a few of the prominent engineering specialties you may study at this institution.

Competition & Tough admission

Another drawback is that admission to this institution is extremely competitive and difficult since it is not only highly esteemed and ranked among the greatest universities, but also offers the best value for the money, leading to a large number of applicants.

The university’s average admission rate is roughly 6%, which is extremely low but marginally better than major competitors Harvard and Stanford Universities, whose acceptance rates are around 5%.

Yale University looks for a few specific qualities when admitting students, much like the majority of other Ivy League schools do, including academic aptitude, strong SAT scores and cut off scores, leadership, critical thinking, and other crucial abilities.

When considering a student for admission, they consider two key questions: “Who is likely to make the most of Yale’s resources?” and “What are your academic goals?” and “Who will make the most contribution to the Yale community?”

And the fact that enrolling at this university is not easy is what makes it so unique.

Higher work load

The fact that the workload is significantly heavier in universities is another drawback.

It is because students at this institution have to take a lot of examinations, assignments, and credits, which increases their burden and stress. In addition, they must work over the summer to pay for their education and get the student share, which adds to their workload and stress.


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